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Dear visitor,

Student dorm “Huize Avion” is located in the Dutch city of Enschede, about 150 kilometres to the east of Amsterdam. If you have never heard of Enschede that’s no shame: it isn’t such a big city. It only has around 155.000 inhabitants. Most residents of our dorm study at the University of Twente. Although the University of Twente is a campus university many students live in the city of Enschede, which is only 4 kilometres off the campus. In the Netherlands it is common for students to share a flat with other students. Because of this the student dorms in the Netherlands differ from the much larger dorms found on many campuses in the United States.

Huize Avion is home to 13 people. This is actually a quite large flat-sharing community according to Dutch standards. This is due Avions history as a hotel, which can also be seen in the construction. For instance, rooms are found on both sides of two long corridors and every room has its own shower and wash basin. On the ground floor you can find the award-winning liquor store “Slijterij Berendsen”, property of our landlord Hennie Berendsen.

It is common for Dutch flatmates to undertake many social activities together. At Huize Avion, this starts with enjoying dinner (and even the occasional breakfast) together. But you may also find us out in bars or at university lectures together. Furthermore, traditional Dutch holidays (like Sinterklaas) are always a hit here with beamer and Playstation. We also enjoy our annual getaway when we spend a weekend kicking ass at a random bungalow park.

On the page “Bewoners” you will find the current residents of “Huize Avion”. They come from all parts of our country, two are even born outside the Netherlands. Everyone is also active next to his or her study: some are members of fraternities, some of sports clubs and so on.

If you have questions you can e-mail us or leave a message in our guestbook.


mugshots of the current residers

Jasper HoekstraTwanBoudewijn FeldbruggeEmer WaartsFabio JossoJoris HendriksenRutger WestgeestGijs van PijkerenLuka van HouteJoris van LieropDappie Ilse VoogdFenna Heijbroek